Tesco Fair

If you are looking to restock your kitchen, now is the time to do so.

The Tesco Fair has returned exclusively at selected FairPrice outlets, from now till Aug 2.

There are a variety of offerings, ranging from alcohol to fancy snacks.

Start your day with Tesco Honey Nut Clusters with Milk Chocolate (500g, $6.65).

Be treated to the most flavourful grains for your morning cereal, comprising oat flakes and crisped rice clusters with peanut and honey, garnished with milk chocolate curls.

Perfect for people who love breakfast and suitable for vegetarians, it is also available in Original flavour.


Wind down after a long day with a glass of wine for a good night's sleep.

For those who prefer sweet and fruity wines, check out Tesco Finest Prosecco Doc (75CL, $32.90), Tesco Finest Argentinian Malbec (75CL, $30.90) and Tesco Chilean Merlot (75CL, $25).